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Payless Plants - Te Awamutu
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Rhododendron Virginia Richards
Pink buds open soft pink with an apricot throat. Leaves are dark green and glossy. A popular variety. Flowers October. 1.8m.
Hydrangea macrophylla Blaumeise
Lacecap. Sky blue blooms. Deciduous. 1m.
Camellia transnokoensis
Species. Masses of tiny white flowers opening from pink buds. Fragrant. Use as an ornamental. tub plant or for hedging. 2-3 metres.
Hydrangea macrophylla Alpengluhen
Flowers are rosy red well shaped mophead. Can be used as a cut flower bloom. Easy care, robust. 1.5m.
Rhododendron Daphnoides
Prolific trusses of purple flowers. Unusual daphne type foliage. Compact shrub. Mid to late season. 1.2m.
Pittosporum Little Kiwi
Dwarf growing Pittosporum which can be forms as a compact ball or used as a low border hedge. Prune to size and shape as required. Hardy. 60cm.
Azalea Silver Anniversary
Soft clear pink with white shadings. Hose in hose, frilled petals. Early to mid season. 75cm
Nandina domestica Pygmaea
Popular shrub with coppery orange red foliage color in winter. Very hardy plant. 1m.
Azalea Temperance
Ruffled glowing pink. Flowers up to 10cm in diameter. 80cm.
Rhododendron Gwilt-King
A very showy Rhododendron with masses of red blooms in spring. Leaves have a rust like tormentum on the underside. 1.2m x 2m across.
Coleonema Sunset Gold
Golden Breath of Heaven. Bright gold foliage all year, with small light pink star like flowers late winter into spring. Must be in full sun and well drained soil.
Convolvulus cnoreum
Silverbush. A popular groundcover shrub with distinctive silver foliage and large white trumpet like flowers in spring. Prefers full sun well drained soil. 40cm high x 1m wide. Hardy. Ideal for bark gardens.
Azalea Peach Kirin
Kurume. Soft pink single hose in hose free flowering. 60cm. One of the most popular.
Hydrangea macrophylla Blue Wave
Attractive lace-cap type,long flowering period. The original blue flower colour is maintained in acid soils,and aided by the addition of an acid fertiliser or aluminium sulphate. Prune after flowering. 1.5 x 1.5m.
Rhododendron Rubicon
Cardinal red flowers, black spotted on upper lobe. Compact truss. Glossy deep green foliage. Mid to late season. 1.3m x 1m
Camellia E.G Waterhouse
Japonica. x C. williamsii. Pure pink warm medium formal double. Mid season to late. Columnar growth. Very popular. 2.5m
Hemerocallis Peek A Boo Eyes
Day lily. Ruffled flowers, creamy light yellow with a burgundy eye.
Camellia Softly
Japonica. Medium white formal double with soft pink edges. Slender upright habit. Mid to late season. 2.5m.
Rhododendron Safron Queen
Sulphur yellow with darker spotting on upper lobes. Small 4cm trumpet shaped florets in lax flat topped truss. Long narrow glossy leaves. Very showy. Mid season. 1.2m
Camellia Early Pearly
Sasanqua.. White with a tinge of pink. Small to medium formal double. Flowers autumn to early winter. Average upright growth. Popular for hedging. 2 - 3m unpruned.
Hemerocallis Moon Goddess
Slightly ruffled, soft creamy yellow blooms with a green throat. Slightly fragrant. Grows 60-90cm. Evergreen.
Thuya occidentalis Smaragd
A compact dense evergreen shrub with bright green foliage and a neat low maintenance habit. Ideal for containers or the garden. Full sun well drained soil. 2-3m. Hardy.
Lithodora Grace Ward
Forms a dense dark green mat 1 metre wide and 15cm deep. Covered in masses of brightest small blue flowers in spring. Full sun or semi shade. Hardy.
Choisya ternata
Mexican Orange Blossum. Grows 1.2 to 1.5 metres height and up to approx 2m across. Deep green slightly aromatic leaves with masses of white star like flowers in spring and summer. Hardy. Full sun or semi shade.
Camellia Desire
Japonica. Ivory white , delicately blushed pink on the edges. Large formal double. Mid season. Compact habit. 2.5m.
Azalea Kirin
Kurume. Semi double hose in hose coral pink flowers. Mass flowerer. Early season. 60cm. One of the most popular.
Lomandra Lime Tuff
Australian Grass. One of the best ornamental grasses in existence, thrives in a wide variety of conditions and always tends to look good. Easy care with near zero maintenance. Plant at 80cm to 1m spacings. 70-80cm.
Camellia Fairy Blush
Hybrid. Masses of miniature soft pink flowers opening from pink buds. Fragrant. Suitable as a specimen plant, a tub plant or for hedging. 2-3m.
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